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😲 Why, OH, Why 🤔

Updated: May 20, 2020

Let's talk about why Storytellrs needs to exist. My why, thank you Simon Sinek for making this question important.

Hi, 👋 I am the founder of Storytellrs.

I am a scriptwriter, playwriter, and filmmaker that has had my work sold and shown at several critically acclaimed festivals. I fully understand the hard life it is to be a writer and I wanted to create a community to change the writing industry.

The industry is very rigid, old school, and unwelcoming. But, it can get better! We need to talk about the problem first.

The Problem

The door is shut when trying to get any work sold to bigger organisations. Other writers in different medium forms have echoed my frustrations. I zeroed into the problem and found the main issue! It goes by the name of 'no unsolicited work'.

The 'no unsolicited work' policy that agents, publishers, and productions uphold prevents opportunities for everyday writers. These companies really develop, protect, and provide essential feedback to creating outstanding talented writers. We need access to development!

The Solution

Our website will create that same experience.

We will be a community of writers, editors, and developers that can share, protect, and cultivate each other into fantastic Storytellrs. As we develop ourselves I will be sharing our growth with gatekeepers in the industry.

My why, is to champion the underdogs! I want to open the door to allow writers access to growth.

Share your story here https://www.storytellrs.co.uk/community-talk

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