• Nat

We got your safe space 🚀

The safe space is here 🚀 No one wants their ideas to be stolen! You put your blood, sweat, and tears in crafting a story. It's personal, tough, and a part of you in a way that you can't possibly explain. 👏 Your story is a companion that you talk through and to. It's also a place that holds all of your fleeting thoughts and secrets. We get it! So it's very important that we protect your story. Whenever we get someone to read your story, we ask that they digitally sign a non-disclosure agreement. If they do not sign, then we will not share your work! We are serious!

Gold members on our site have a lot of different perks including registration of your work, anonymous feedback, unlimited use of the self-assessment market fit tool, virtual sessions, and development support. Silver members, we have a really thorough Community Code of Conduct that allows our community to support you in different ways. When you're ready to share your story just let us know and join the gold membership. Create an account to have access to our Community Talks section now. Take care and be kind!

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