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I can't believe I am actually saying it. How long has it taken? Let's not talk about that because the important part is that it's here! Storytellrs started off as a newsletter showcasing free opportunities to submit your stories. As a writer, who has had my work shown at critically acclaimed festivals and sold for distribution I still struggled to get my work seen. Also, I couldn't afford to pay for the opportunities that were available. The newsletter provided writers the exposure to writing opportunities without any financial barriers. After receiving loads of surveys, going to events, and getting a new advisor through a Female Founders accelerator program, I realised that we need a bigger and better space for us writers. As a Canadian parent to two furbabies ( Meryl Streep & Maple Leaf), LGBTQIA 🏳️‍🌈 member, daughter to Jamaican immigrant parents 🇯🇲, and true supporter of helping people 'make it' - I want to welcome you to our first site. Let's be amplifiers, supporters, and uplifters to the community of writers. Welcome to the community of dreamers, thinkers, and believers. Fine, I'll say it - it's been 11 long months 😓 💪 Let's share our story, join the community of writers by making an account here.

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Let's talk about why Storytellrs needs to exist. My why, thank you Simon Sinek for making this question important. Hi, 👋 I am the founder of Storytellrs. I am a scriptwriter, playwriter, and filmmake

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